Spring Cleaning My Mood: or How I’m Celebrating the Little Things in Coronavirus Lockdown

It’s the end of week five here in Apartment 6C. On dreary, coldish potentially rainy days I say to myself it would be nice to curl up with a good book on a day like this. Or make stone soup out of the remnants in the refrigerator before the next food delivery arrives. Or get in an extra yoga session. On sunny, warmish spring days here in the Big Apple, I want to get outside and walk down by the Hudson, or do some errands, or volunteer in my local pocket park, Joan of Arc Island. But, of course, I don’t do any of these things. This week, cold, rainy, warm, sunny, — it didn’t matter. I just ended up scrolling through my Instagram and Twitter accounts. Ugh. I need to sweep away the blahs, wipe down the negativity, give my emotional health a good polishing up.

So, I’ve made a list of things that have made me really, truly happy this week despite everything.

  1. My older daughter is pregnant with twins! OMG after two years of trying and too many hormones and needle sticks and disappointments, TADA. This gives me the excuse, the justification even, to window shop online for onesies, double strollers, and all manner of absolutely necessary crap.
  2. My nineteen month old grandson said NANA, NANA, NANA!! And kissed the screen on the iPad while we were FaceTiming this morning. I can’t wait to be able to squeeze him again, but I’ll take unconditional love when and where I can get it, virtual or not.
  3. Dan and I haven’t had an argument since lockdown began. We don’t usually, but still. “New York Pause,” as Governor Cuomo calls it, is hard in a one bedroom apartment when we can’t go outside except to walk the dog.
  4. We entertained ourselves for at least an hour putting together our 2020 Coronavirus Easter Basket. Being playful together feels good.
  5. We have enough toilet paper.
  6. I ordered two new short sleeve shirts. It might be getting warmer soon and now I think I just might be around long enough to wear them.
  7. Our grocery order came so we an have SALAD tonight!!!!!!!!
  8. So far we only have one COVID-19 case in our building. Fingers and toes crossed.
  9. We don’t have to file our taxes until July — yay! More procrastination possible!
  10. I know how incredibly lucky I am to be able to make light of my situation in this post, and I mean no disrespect to the many, many people who are grieving, or sick, or afraid of losing everything or suffering domestic violence. I am honored to live amongst so many tough, strong, disciplined and loving  New Yorkers.

Stay safe everyone, and keep flattening the curve!

13 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning My Mood: or How I’m Celebrating the Little Things in Coronavirus Lockdown”

  1. You are now a grandma to be three times over! Congrats! By the time the newest two arrive all of this will be over and they will grow up knowing and feeling you in person and not just on a screen. For now, I am grateful for cyberspace but it is getting harder to be satisfied without more touch involved. You sound busy and engaged and sane after all that is going on around you. Blessings to all of you and yours to be and already here.


    1. I feel sanish! I just think of all the healthcare workers and the sacrifices they are making and the stress and sorrow they feel and I know that my small contribution is to just stay put and stay hopeful.


  2. We who live in other parts of the country are blessed to have a bit more space in our personal domains, in some cases slightly less restrictive “lockdowns,” and not as many confirmed cases of, and deaths from, COVID-19 in our vicinities.
    Our hearts and prayers are with you as we all wait patiently for the light at the end of the tunnel.


    1. Thank you for your kind words! Our governor says we are at the end of the beginning, and for the sake of our healthcare workers in particular I hope we will soon see the beginning of the end. Stay well!


  3. Isn’t it good to be alive and be a grandparent? Breathe deeply. Soak in the good air. Hope you and your husband are finding peace in the new world we live in for now. I pray the COVID-19 in your building will not spread and it’s recipient will heal soon. Stay safe.


  4. I think that finding things to be grateful for is huge for our sanity. The really important things stand out – twins! And kisses from grandkids, being playful and well-provisioned. Life isn’t going to return to normal for a couple of years (or ever) but we’ll adjust and find our way out of this isolation. Lovely post. Hang in there. ❤

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  5. Congrats on the grandchildren. The wife and I went through infertility in the 80’s – the shots, the surgeries, and managed to get our miracle “boy” out of the process. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but it’s great when it works…


  6. So true! We would be back in the world of our ancestors. How tough they were to homestead or emigrate so far from family. This lockdown is much easier, and I keep reminding myself of that.


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