Role Models

I’m in love with Mr. President and The First Lady. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong. I’m talking about the “first couple” that actually provides us with proof positive that monogamy, shared parenting and living the simple life are worth the effort. Rather than draining the swamp, these two dignify the aerie at the National Arboretum. They do tweet, but never meanly. You can follow them @dceaglecam.

Photo from @dceaglecam

Sharing the chores associated with parenting hasn’t been easy for them in the last few days as the snowstorm hit, threatening their eggs. If memory serves, they suffered a loss a few weeks ago when wind blew a previous egg out of the nest. An eagle miscarriage of justice, indeed. Huddled together to keep everyone safe and cozy or trading places to seek food or mere respite, these two life partners embody the family values that certain politicians spout but fail to live up to.

They provide a stately parallel to the viral video of the hapless professor being interrupted by his rambunctious toddlers during a BBC Skype session. (As we have since learned, that family is adorable too). It can’t be easy living real life … as opposed to reality show life… on camera. Kudos all around.

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